Club Dying - What should you do ???

Yeah sometime the club dying because two main factor:-

1. Lazy Admin/Creator
2. Members is not interested with club anymore.

So for problem one what you should do as club members:-
- Begging creator or admin more active with their club.
- Volunteer to become admin.
- Make new duplicate club if the admin not active with MAL anymore.

So for problem two what you should do as club admin:-
- Make new graphic like new userbar, new member card template, new display picture and new discription picture.
- Invite more people.
- Post new picture and video in club comment to attract more visitor.
- Make new thread or some spam/game thread so members will have fun in club forum.
- Make some gift to members like picture megapack.
- Promote your club in your MAL userbar/profile.

I hope my post can help you... Anyway my blog lack comment, i need some feedback too. So if you have time, please leave some comment okay.
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