MAL have many different club. From region/nation, claim, anime, character and many more genre. Anyway today i want to discuss about MAL user fan club.

What is a MAL user fan club ?
Basicly place for some MAL user to gather and talk about specific user. This FC is mainly create by their friends but sometime some gay people made FC for him/herself.

So what elements that exist in this club that different from other clubs ?
This club focusly on MAL user so in this club they usually give information about the user, put user real life pic or make thread that members can ask what user doing in their life. Anyway some club is like normal public club. Place for people to hangout, discuss and chatting.

Some MAL user FC
- OMG! I Got Kidnapped by Kyuu XD
- Hug a Pinky! A Pinkylicious day everyday!
- Fanny's Fanclub for fans of Fanny who was no longer Fanny but is now Fanny again!
- Fabrice FC
- Ruru Rabu! <3
- The truth revealed... about MOM (MyOneMelancholy)

Yeah didnt you feel jealous ? They have own FC. So what you should do to have own FC if you interested ?. Just make more friend, friend and friend. If they like you a lot, they will make your own FC someday.
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