Meet Kholdstare88 - Mal Member Cards Artist

Anyway today i want to tell you about Kholdstare88 or i call him kholdy. What so special about this person ???. This person make several member cards that really awesome in graphic even he made some member cards in gif too. He also one of my internet best friends. You can see his artwork below:-




He make member cards to several club. Some of it:-

Blonde Hair Club
Green-eyed Characters
Saki Fan Club
Kataoka Yuuki Fan Club
Pink-Haired Princesses

Some Kholdstare88 trivia:-
- He also the ISML staff. Work on Technical, Translation, and Graphical Staff.
- He also forum moderator of Animesuki forum.
- He most favourite character is Kinomoto Sakura.
- He also part of team in Lunatic Antics blog.

you can check Kholdstare88 profile:-

Anyway currently he in a exam so wish him a good luck and :-

"Oh, and please, do not send random friend and club requests. I use my MAL to keep in touch with friends that I know, not as a competition of who can have the most friends/join the most clubs. If you want to have a chat, then you can leave a profile comment or join one of IRC channels I'm on: or"

Okay thats all for now. I will write more about MAL users next time. Maybe you next.
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