ISML Final Result - Shana and Hina Club Members Reaction -

Oh well actually i have no idea today. So lets see what Shana and Hina club members reaction after the result is out.

Hina Tiara Poster

Shana club:-

"Hina is lame XD"

"Congrat to Hina.
And, Shana will always get my support forever~"

"Shana will always be #1 in my eyes. <3"

"Meh, I still want to know what everyone sees on her. I understand the Athena-craze that Hayate fans are slowly catching though, but I never understood the Hinagiku one."

"that was a very well fought battle, and an incredibly close finals"

"I am greatly satisfied with the ending of this ISML, Hinagiku showed a will to win and Shana's record is something that I doubt it can be repeated so easily....good year in the end and congrats to Hinagiku ^_^"

Hina Club:-

"that was super close. Hina ^^."

"congrats Hina. another one to add in that already impressive resume :)"

"WOOOT :) YAY Hina & ISML"

"And once again, Hinagiku denies Shana a championship."

"A huge thanks to the 9 extra people that voted!"

"That was one of the closest match. Our Hinagiku won !!!"

Anyway for anyone that dont know what it ISML check the link:-
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